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Auto Body Repair & Collision Center Located in the Brainerd Lakes Area

Getting in an accident or having a valuable possesion like a car damaged can be a worrisome time. Nisswa Collision and Restoration will make the process easier for you. No matter what kind of car you have or what caused the damage, we can repair it. Whatever level of quality you want... "Fix it cheap and fast, 'cause I'm just gonna sell it," or for your cherished car restoration that you want to last forever and look perfect... we can accommodate your individual situation. It just has to fit in the shop!

Types of Auto Repair

Collision Repair

We repair a lot of deer hits and damage from minor parking lot dings as well as major auto collision or rebuilding of totalled cars. We are fully equipped for car frame straightening, uni-body, and fiberglass and plastic repair. We have a great eye for color and color blending.

Rust Repair

One significant pitfall of living in Minnesota is the damage which winter weather conditions can have on our vehicles. Among this is rust caused by a combination of road salt and wet conditions. Having performed auto body in Minnesota for 20+ years, we are experts at auto rust repair and one of the best shops at both preventing and fixing car rust near Brainerd, Nisswa, and Pequot Lakes, MN. Getting car rust repair can help to make your car look like new, especially with a little paint touch up.

Hail Damage

Every time a hail storm hits this area or overwhelms the shops in the twin cities area, we repair hail damage, the right way. Sometimes that means replacing parts.

Paint Scratches & Paint Failure

Paint on newer cars does last much longer than it ever has in the past but it still seems to get damaged somehow. The stories are endless. We can repair damaged paint, using the same materials as the factory did, so you can't tell it was ever damaged!


We will negotiate a fair insurance settelment with the adjuster for you to return your vehicle to it's pre-accident condition. Sometimes insurance companies don't want to replace parts. We will do everything neccessary to argue to restore your vehicle. That's part of the job, making sure a responsible party pays the correct amount to repair your vehicle to it's pre-accident condition or as close as is possible.


Cost of repairing your vehicle depends on the vehicle itself (how damaged, what parts need replaced, how long it will take, etc.) Your repair cost is typically composed of the cost of our time and the cost of the materials necessary to do the job. Currently, our shop rate is set at $50/hour ($65/hour for mechanical work and frame repair). Come in to the shop and we'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of your repair cost.