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Antique, Classic Car & Vintage Snowmobile Restoration Center

One of Nisswa Collision & Restoration's specialties is restoring antique and classic automobiles and snowmobiles. Take a look below for details on how Nisswa Collision & Restoration can make your vehicle like new by restoring your car or snowmobile.

Auto Restorations

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Nisswa Collision specializes in complete antique and classic auto restorations. Whether you're restoring an antique or classic car, a hot rod, an exotic sports car, or a race car, we'll oversee every aspect of the restoration, and what we can't do, we'll sublet out to experts in the field (interiors, glass-work, etc.).

The owner, Gordon Nachbar, has been performing car restorations near Brainerd, Minnesota since before he was old enough to drive! Ever since restoring that Renault 4Cv at the age of 15, Gordon hasn't stop restoring cars, almost always driving (or at least owning) some antique or vintage vehicle.

Typically, we offer two alternatives for a car restoration:

1.  You bring us your vehicle, and we work on it until it is restored to your liking. We spend the majority of our time on your vehicle alone (occasionally an auto body collision job in between), and as a result, you pay the full shop labor rate.

2.  With the second option, your restoration essentially acts as our "fill-in" job. In between other jobs, or when we have no other jobs in the shop, we will work on your project at a substantial discount from the shop labor rate. This option is typically a long-term project (as long as 3-4 years for a large job).

Cost: All of our car restoration work is based on time and materials, meaning you pay for the time we put in and the materials we use. We do not "bid" restoration projects. Shop rates are currently set at $50/hour for full time work but a negotiated discount for fill-in jobs. For more information on having Nisswa Collision & Restoration perform your automobile restoration, stop by our shop located near Brainerd, Minnesota.

Click here to see some of our car restorations throughout the restoration process!

Snowmobile & Other Restorations

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Here at Nisswa Collision & Restoration, we're capable of restoring just about anything! Although we specialize in vehicles (primarily restoring automobiles & snowmobiles), it is not uncommon for us to do obscure and custom projects, including motorcycles and boats, among other items.

Need just a part restored? Or would you like to do some of the restoration yourself? We also do partial restorations - this can help you to save money while at the same time getting the quality outcome you desire.

Besides automobiles as described on the left, we focus our attention on snowmobile restoration. Being a personal collector of antique and vintage snowmobiles for years, the owner (Gordon Nachbar) has developed the knowledge and expertise to restore your snowmobile into a real show-winner! Over the years, we have restored dozens of show-winning snowmobiles from the smallest children's sleds to the most powerful racing snowmobiles.

Beyond automobiles and snowmobiles, Nisswa Collision & Restoration is the go-to place to have any item restored! Having a full spray booth enables us to be able to paint just about anything (as long as it fits in the shop...). Prior restorations include boats, motorcycles, tractors, kit cars, sand rails and dune buggies.

If you would like more information on having your item restored at Nisswa Collision & Restoration, stop by our restoration center near Pequot Lakes, MN or give us a call.

Interested in seeing some of our snowmobile restorations? Click here to go to the gallery which features many of our restorations.